October 2020

Relieve unexpected health problems when working from home

(NC) As many of us continue to work and learn from home this fall, some may experience health issues, like stiff and sore muscles from reduced daily movement.  While some of this is to be expected, if you’re dealing with heavy, swollen, painful legs, it may be a sign of something more serious.

If these symptoms sound familiar, you may be dealing with chronic venous disease, which occurs when blood vessels in the legs become inflamed and stop working effectively, making it difficult for blood to return to the heart. This can cause painful, swollen and heavy legs.

“Chronic venous disease is a progressive inflammatory disease, so it is important to recognize the signs and take steps to prevent it from getting worse,” explains Dr. Beverley Chan, a vascular surgeon in Canada. “Fortunately, simple habits and convenient over-the-counter options can help manage symptoms and offer long-term relief.”

For those dealing with CVD, here are some tips to incorporate into your routine: 

  1. Avoid prolonged heat exposure and activities that may cause overheating. Stay hydrated and keep cool.
  2. Exercise regularly to stay active and prevent blood stagnation in the veins. Try low-impact activities like walking or cycling to help keep the body moving.
  3. Elevate legs to reduce swelling and increase blood flow in the lower body.
  4. Try over-the-counter options like Venixxa, a natural health product that can help improve venous tone and blood circulation, reducing pain, lower-leg swelling and sensation of heaviness in the legs.

Find out if you are at risk of chronic venous disease. Talk to your healthcare provider or learn more at 

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