December 2019

Holiday must-haves for minimalists

(NC) Finding a gift for a friend or loved one who subscribes to the “less is more” life mantra can be, well, hard. Whether it’s your elderly grandmother who swears she doesn’t need a thing or your friend who purposely keeps their home sparse and clutter-free, sourcing an item they will use and enjoy can feel next to impossible.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of gift options minimalists will love this holiday season. From the practical to the experiential, this curated list of goods is sure to satisfy.

  1. Proud Poutine Cheesemaking Kit at
    When all else fails, a cheese curd-making kit will suit almost any Canadian’s gift-receiving needs. Complete with a gravy kit, it’s the perfect present for anyone who’s dreamed of creating their own from-scratch version of the national staple. Just add fries.
  2. Sleep Ventilated Gusseted Gel Plush Memory Foam Pillow at
    Know a minimalist who could benefit from a bit of self-care but is unlikely to initiate it on their own? Gift them this luxurious pillow made from cool gel, a unique material that responds to temperature and pressure, producing a cooler sleeping surface while perfectly moulding to the sleeper’s shape. The result: maximum comfort and support for every sleeping position.
  3. Ancestry DNA at
    Experiential gifts are almost always a good idea, and this kit that unearths your recipient’s ethnic mix is a standout. After completing and returning a simple saliva test, results include a pie chart breakdown with percentages of your recipient’s ethnicity estimate, geographic origins and DNA matching that can help identify relationships with unknown relatives who have also taken the test.
  4. Motiv Ring Fitness Tracker at
    When a fitness tracking watch won’t do, this chic and lightweight titanium ring will track your steps, heart rate, calories burned, restful and restless sleep, and resting heart rate. It’s also waterproof (up to 50 metres), lasts three days on a single 90-minute charge and can store your sleep and activity information for up to three days.
  5. World Vision Gift Catalogue Gift Card at
    We can’t think of a better way to honour a minimalist’s desire for less than with a gift card that’s both meaningful and non-consumerist. Once received, recipients can choose to use their gift card toward the World Vision initiative they prefer to support, with life-changing programs that include Where Most Needed, in which donations are used to help provide things like health-care, safety, food, water and more to vulnerable children and families around the world. 

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