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April 2024


Feel-good campaigns that are easy to take part in

(NC) Many of us want to do our part for the community. But this year in particular, worries about the cost of donating to charities might be holding us back. Here are six easy, low-cost or free ways you can give back.

Share on social media
You don’t have to be an influencer with millions of followers to have an impact online. If there’s a cause you care about, post a message about how you’re contributing and encourage your contacts to take part as well.

Donate unwanted items
After major natural disasters and other humanitarian crises, there are often campaigns to collect clothing, furnishing and other essentials for those impacted. Women’s shelters and other aid organizations need donations throughout the year.

Join a fun run
You don’t need to be a fitness buff to participate in a charity run. There are events held across the country that cover different lengths. There are also walking, biking, rowing events and more that you can participate in. However you join, you get a bit of exercise and might meet some new like-minded friends.

Give money that multiplies
Many well-known charities have partnerships with corporations or government agencies that provide matching funds for public donations. In some cases, the funds are donated in multiples. So, for every dollar you donate, several more go to the charity.

Volunteer your time
Many charities rely on volunteers to fulfil their goals. While some require a regular commitment, many others welcome one-time, once-a-week or once-a-month participants. Other options, such as tutoring or mentoring, can be done online from the convenience of your home.

Repurpose with purpose
If you have clothing that you no longer want or need, considering giving it to an organization that can give it a second life. Throughout the year, Canadian company la Vie en Rose collects used bras under the Be Your Own Breast Friend program. The bras are repurposed or recycled. For the month of May, the company donates $1 to a variety of breast-cancer-related charities across Canada for every bra dropped off at one of their stores.

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