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Easy ways to honour Earth Day in April and all year

By Kate Moore, Senior Editor, News Canada

(NC) Every April 22nd Canadians across the country take action for the environment, whether it’s school children participating in a community clean up or families committing to new green goals, like washing their clothes in cold water and hanging them to dry. Here are six ways you can do something to fight climate change – on Earth Day and all year.

Learn how your food can be grown sustainably
There are many farmers working to ensure the quality and sustainability of our food supply for generations to come. For example, they protect the soil’s health by taking steps like planting cover crops, reducing tilling and rotating which fields animals graze in. We eat food every day, but many of us know little about how it can be sustainably produced. As spring produce ripens, this is a good time to learn a little more about what your local producers are doing for the environment.