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Complete your beach look with any of these trending styles

(NC) Whether you’re heading overseas or just to the nearest lake, here are four ways to look and feel fantastic as you warm up in the sun this year.

Texture tastemaker
Interesting fabrics are ruling the runways when it comes to swimwear, from terry cloth to metallic suits. For an accessible, but fashion-forward style statement, try out a slightly knubby “popcorn” texture or lightly ribbed fabric. They have a satisfying touch and add visual interest without being impractical or too in your face.

Pattern perfection
Opt for a bold botanical print swimsuit with tropical flair – think palm leaves or bromeliad flowers – to create a vibrant look that’s ready for the ocean. Or, go for a vintage vibe with bold 1970s inspired patterns – think tiny geometric prints like the Los Cabos or Portofino patterns from Canadian retailer La Vie en Rose.

Cut-out cool
Whether it’s the braided back of a maxi dress or ties at the sides of your swimsuit, look for designs in your summer wardrobe that enhance your shape – they are often more flattering than you expect. If actual cut-outs aren’t your thing, look for accents, stitching or patterns that accentuate your curves instead.

Black, not basic
Few items of clothing are more classic than the little black dress – and the little black swimsuit is just the same. While patterns, textures and prints may come and go, black is a timeless choice for your next suit, be it a two-piece, one-piece or tankini.
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