Are weekends contributing to your stress?

(NC) Most of us expect the weekends to be a time for fun, rest and relaxation. But for some of us, they can often be more taxing than the workweek. For those living with a health condition like diabetes, weekends bring on a stress of their own.

A new survey shows that among the general population, stress levels substantially drop on weekends, whether regular or long, and dip even lower during vacations. For people living with diabetes, the level of stress likewise decreases, but less markedly so than for the average population.

Known as diabetes distress, the unease comes from the need to control meals, drinks and timings of medication such as insulin to keep blood sugar levels under control. But on the weekend, the unstructured nature of things like sleeping in late, going on full-day adventures or going out for dinner can cause distress.

Weekend activities can interfere with regular medication schedules and lead to stress. Still, while many of us need to take medicine on a schedule, the survey showed that respondents living with diabetes reported a significantly higher level of stress than that experienced by other people who take medication.

Fortunately, there are tools designed to ease diabetes management and help people living with diabetes make the best of their time off. One of these tools is mySugr, an app designed by people living with diabetes for people living with diabetes.

The surprisingly playful app lets patients quickly and easily log blood sugar and meals, offers easy to understand analyses and graphs based on their data, and keeps them motivated with feedback and challenges. Plus, people who use the Accu-Chek Guide System, who’s unique strip design has a wider dosing area, can access additional features for free through mySugr Pro.

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