5 ways to stay flexible in today's job market

(NC) The world of work has transformed in recent years. Less and less people work in the same place for their entire career, as there are more and more opportunities to try new things. Whether you’re a recent grad, established in your career or close to retirement, here are some ways to stay flexible and successful:

  1. Develop your skillset. Never shy away from opportunities to keep learning and improving yourself. Whether it’s signing up for a new course at your local community college or participating in a webinar or a one-day training workshop, there are many ways to boost your skills that can fit even the busiest schedule.
  2. Start small. Having a wide variety of skills, experiences and responsibilities is a major asset in today’s job market. You can even try developing new skills within your existing job. For example, take on a project from a colleague who is on vacation or, if time permits, offer to help out in another department that interests you.  
  3. Be open to new roles. If you’re between jobs or looking for part-time work, an open mindset can help you embrace new opportunities to learn and develop talents and abilities that will make you a more valuable employee. One exciting way to harness your social and organizational skills is by working as an enumerator or crew leader for the next census. Starting in January 2021, you can apply for these part-time roles with flexible hours that will allow you to learn valuable transferrable skills for today’s job market.
  4. Embrace change. Look at new, challenging situations with a positive mindset and see them as a chance for growth. Have a new boss? This is an opportunity for you to show your value and work towards a promotion. Is your company not rehiring after your coworker quit? This is a chance to improve processes and workflow in your department.  
  5. Grow your network. It’s often true that who you know is as important as what you know. In case you need to switch jobs or want to shift gears with a new direction in your career, it’s always beneficial to know professionals in your industry. Attend conferences, seminars and other events that will help you meet others in your field.

Find more information on census jobs at census.gc.ca/jobs.

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