October 2020

5 tips to help you be more eco-friendly – without sacrificing your lifestyle

(NC) We all want to be environmentally responsible and do our part to help the planet. Fortunately, even small changes can have a major impact. Here are some easy, everyday options to be greener.

  1. Make recycling a priority. This is an essential step and can help you be more mindful of your behaviours. Try making it a family effort, and include packaging from online shopping, paper leftovers from crafts and work, and takeout containers. Gently used clothing can be donated.
  2. Reuse and upcycle. With most of us spending more time at home, you can use it as an opportunity to be creative and transform old furnishings with DIY projects. Try breathing new life into a dated dresser or cabinets with a fresh coat of paint and new knobs and handles. Or spray paint tired-looking pots and canisters in bold, funky colours to add some cheer and greenery around your home.
  3. Choose sustainable products. This is especially important for things you use every day, as your habits add up over time. For example, while many of us brew our own coffee at home, you can take it one step further with Maxwell House 100 per cent compostable coffee pods, made from plant-based materials leaving zero waste for the consumer. From the compostable pod and pod bag, to the recyclable outer carton, all components are eco-friendly, making it an easy and convenient one-step process to reduce waste.
  4. Compost in your garden. This summer saw many of us take up gardening and urban farming, growing our own herbs, fruits and veggies on our balconies and in our yards. Why not continue the trend with a backyard compost? You can create natural fertilizer to help your garden thrive in spring or support your indoor plants. Good things to compost include produce peelings, teabags and compostable coffee pods.
  5. Tackle home projects. Making sure your home is energy efficient isn’t just good for the environment – it’s good for your wallet, too. Plus, it can help keep hydro bills in check as we spend more time at home. Some quick and easy upgrades you can complete in a weekend include caulking any air leaks, switching to LED bulbs and changing your furnace filter.

Check your local grocery stores for the 100 per cent compostable coffee pods.

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