April 2020

5 spring cleaning essentials for your car

(NC) Nothing inspires a drive more than the arrival of spring. The sun is shining, the atmosphere is a little brighter, and slowly the slush and snow begin to clear. But one look at your car post-snow and you’ll realize you’re not quite ready.

How do you prepare for the warm months ahead? Here are a few essentials to check off your list:

De-clutter. Our vehicles often become a garbage graveyard over the winter. Once you’re ready for a fresh start, your first step should be clearing out the buildup of garbage. The second step is to find a storage solution for your winter tires. To eliminate the stress of having to find space for them in your garage OK Tire will store them for you.

Squeaky clean. Your vehicle accumulates salt and grime over the winter. Cold weather usually means fewer trips to the car wash, and that dirt build-up can break down your paint and damage your undercarriage. Take your car in for a wash, ensuring you get the underside as well. Top things off with a wax to protect and add a shiny finish.

Ventilate. A full season of winter driving usually means your windows haven’t been opened in a while, which can cause the interior to get stale and accumulate dust. Now’s the time to clear the air. While you’re already in cleaning mode, open your doors and windows to let the fresh air cycle through. Also, have a look at your air filter and replace it if necessary – your lungs will be happier for it.

Replacement wipers. A good rule of thumb is to consider replacing your wipers once they start leaving streaks on your windshield, as it can be hard to tell whether they require a change by just looking at them. While you are at it, don’t forget to top up your windshield fluid. Go for the summer formula, it’s specially made for warmer conditions and will give you a better clean.

Start fresh. Check your supplies in case of emergency, such as spare food and water, as these can expire or run low. Consider a full maintenance check to get ahead of any minor issues and avoid major problems down the road.

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