December 2019


4 ways to not break the bank this season

(NC) When the holidays roll into town, seasonal activities and obligations trail closely behind. Although a rewarding time of year for some, for others this time of year can be a major strain on our primary resource for winter fun – our bank accounts. Since seasonal expenses can overwhelm even the savviest saver, here are some tips to avoid overspending during this holiday. 

1. Trust your budget. It keeps you on track during the rest of the year, so why not lean on it now? Starting the season with a plan and a maximum spending limit will help alleviate stress while shopping. There are plenty of free budget-tracking apps that connect right to your bank accounts and can be pulled out of your pocket for reference at any time – especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed at the mall.

2.Get crafty. Everyone appreciates the handmade touch in a gift, and DIY-ing this holiday can help you save money. There are wonderful options that can be found online, even for beginners.  Examples include homemade wreaths, body scrubs, and fun photo scrapbooks that can done alone or in a group, and you’ll end up with a gift that money can’t buy. If you’re not sure where to find these clever and cost-effective ideas, Pinterest is a great place to start.

3. Give the gift of time. Instead of buying gifts, spend quality time with your friends and family while you give back to others. Sharing the experience and splitting the cost of hosting a dinner for a family in need will offset the cost of spending money on each person and double the amount of joy spread during the holidays. It feels good to pay in kind.

4. Have a plan for last-minute needs. Hosting a holiday gathering, but already splurged on the main course? Pharmacies are a hidden gem of affordable and on-trend holiday must-have accessories and treats for your get-together. Rexall’s Rose and Robin products offer an array of affordable decor, snacks and hosting items that will check the need-to-buy items off your shopping list in one go, saving you enough time to kick your feet up before your guests arrive.

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