3 must-have skills for any job

(NC) Whether you’re just entering the workforce or getting back into it after some time away, there are key skills that will always help you get ahead in the ever-changing job market. Here are three of the most important skills, according to employers.

Communication. Communicating clearly, confidently and tactfully can go a long way towards affecting your success at work. Not only does being able to communicate clearly make you more productive and lessen the likelihood of misunderstandings, but it can also influence how others perceive you, which, in turn, can influence the opportunities you’re offered.

Organization. Some of us are naturally organization obsessed—others, not so much. Either way, we can all benefit from having a system in place to keep on top of our work, whether it’s a day planner, a filing system or simple to-do lists. These techniques eliminate the dread of forgetting something and can help you become that much more productive and efficient.

Teamwork. No matter your role, chances are you have to interact with at least one colleague or client in your job. If you can work well with others by not taking things personally, sharing the workload and keeping an open mind, you’ll benefit from shared knowledge and a stronger quality of work. Teamwork also makes for a more positive and pleasant work culture.

Temporary or part-time work can present a good opportunity to hone these skills and stay sharp between jobs or in your spare time. Statistics Canada will be offering this kind of opportunity in the New Year—in January 2021, they will start accepting applications for enumerator and crew leader positions for the 2021 census. The role involves being part of a larger team, meeting lots of new people and sharpening your time management and organizational skills.

Find more information about this opportunity at census.gc.ca/jobs.

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