September 2020

3 mistakes new homeowners make

(NC) Your brand-new home means a lot to you, so it goes without saying that you want to be the best homeowner you can possibly be. Knowing how to operate your HVAC system and properly maintain your hardwood floor is only part of the challenge. Where a lot of homeowners fall short is making the most of their warranty. 

When you understand your warranty and how it works, both you and your home reap the benefits. You can start by avoiding three of the biggest mistakes that people make:  

  1. Thinking the PDI form is a warranty request: The pre-delivery inspection form is a record of the condition of your home before you took ownership. What it is not is a request for warranty assistance from Tarion, the organization that backs your new home warranty. If your builder doesn’t resolve warranty items listed on it by the time you move in, you’ll need to submit a claim if you would like further assistance. 
  2. Not knowing their builder is responsible for repairs: The builder provides you with your new home warranty, so they are primarily responsible for resolving any related matters. Work with your builder first by making them aware of requests for warranty service, scheduling repairs at a time that is mutually convenient, and providing reasonable access to your home. 
  3. Missing warranty form deadlines: To make the most of your warranty coverage, you need to know when and how to submit warranty claims to Tarion if you need extra help in getting things resolved. The best way to stay on top of this is to sign up for MyHome, an online service for homeowners. Not only are you able to fill out and submit warranty forms easily, but you also get email reminders when they are due. 

Avoiding these common mistakes will not only reduce your stress level, but also ensure that your new home gets the protection it deserves.

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