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Let’s talk about gums, it’s Oral Health Month

(NC) It might not be as tasty as National Noodle Month or as quirky as Mad for Plaid Month, but April is Oral Health Month and that means it’s time to think about your teeth – and gums. After all, gum health can also affect your overall health.

These four things can keep your gums in tip-top shape and help prevent gum disease from starting in the first place:

  1. Focus on a balanced diet and lifestyle. The nutrients you consume (or don’t) can significantly affect your oral health. Getting the right mix of macronutrients – fat, carbs and protein with lots of whole fruits and vegetables – will fuel your body; exercise, good sleep habits and emotional health will fuel your mind.

  2. Reduce stress. It affects your oral health. Deep breathing is one of the best ways to lower stress and you can also try some gentle stretching or an herbal tea alongside a good book.

  3. Take care of your mouth. Since the earliest stages of gum disease can be reversible, it’s important to spot it early on. A professional cleaning every six months allows your dentist to identify any warning signs. Floss daily and brush twice a day with a toothpaste clinically proven for healthier gums. One easy, over-the-counter option combines Colgate PerioGardSF Gum Care toothpaste and Gum Protection soft toothbrush.

  4. Quit smoking. Diseases such as lung cancer and emphysema aren’t the only reasons to kick the habit; smoking can affect nearly every organ in your body, so it’s not surprising that your oral health can take a hit, too. Smoking also interferes with your immune system, making it difficult for your body to fight off conditions like gum infections. Worse still, smoking can cause oral cancer. Need another reason? Periodontal treatment may not even have the same successful outcome for a smoker, because smoking makes it harder for your gums to heal.

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