September 2019

Expand your living space with a basement makeover

(NC) If you’re not using your basement for everyday living, you’re losing out on at least a third of your home’s square footage. Here are some tips to transform it into a space where you want to spend time:

Control the air flow. Basements that haven’t been well maintained can have a host of problems that cause them to be colder than they should be – many of which have quick DIY fixes. Inspect your perimeter and seal any air leaks. If your windows are the culprit, try caulking around them. If that doesn’t work, replacing them with energy efficient ones is worth the investment.

Welcome with cozy accents. Create an inviting atmosphere that makes you want to curl up on the couch and read, or watch a good movie, by incorporating cozy accents with rich textures. Think fluffy blankets, pillows and slippers in materials like fleece, flannel, sherpa and faux fur.

Choose a quality subfloor. Even premium carpet or engineered hardwood won’t keep your floors feeling warm without the right subfloor. As the foundation for your basement, a subfloor is an essential step you can’t afford to skip. To help protect against moisture, mould and mildew, and to make floors feel warmer by insulating against the cold concrete, choose Dricore subfloors. It’s easy to install and a whole room can be done in half a day.  

Add warmth. Make up for any lack in sunlight and the warmth it brings with added sources of heat. A wood-burning oven or fireplace can create a relaxing environment that’s inviting after coming in from the cold. Even a gas fireplace can have the same effect. Scented candles used safely will also do the trick if you want to keep costs down.

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