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Celebrating cultural traditions through food

(NC) In Canada, our rich background of various cultures creates a vibrant culinary landscape that extends beyond borders. From aromatic spices to exotic flavours, the love for ethnic and imported foods has woven its way into the hearts – and stomachs – of many Canadians.

Canadians embrace diverse flavours not just for gastronomic delight, but as a way of sharing cultures and traditions through food. This is especially true during holidays and events where communities gather to share customs and cuisines from Diwali to Lunar New Year, Ramadan to Hanukkah, and beyond.

During festive seasons, specialty stores, bustling markets and online retailers witness a surge in demand for imported spices, unique ingredients and traditional foods from around the globe. You, or someone you know, might even import your community’s favourite festive ingredients and dishes.

Regardless of whether your food products are coming from around the corner or across the world, all food sold in Canada has to meet all necessary Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulations and be safe to eat.

These requirements apply to all businesses that import or prepare food for export or interprovincial trade. They keep our food system safe by focusing on prevention and allowing for the fast removal of unsafe food from the marketplace.

As importers need to meet the same food safety standards required of domestic manufacturers, consumers can safely share cultural traditions and explore delicious new cuisines.

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