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5 ways to make money as a digital nomad

(NC) Today’s economy brings certain challenges, but also some exciting opportunities. One of these opportunities is the relatively new trend of being a digital nomad — someone who travels between cities and countries while working remotely.

Some of the benefits of this lifestyle include getting to see the world while immersing yourself in diverse cultures, and the ability to set your schedule and be independent. But how can you mitigate the risks of a nomadic lifestyle and earn enough money to fund your travels? Here are some tips to get started.

Consider freelancing. Do you have in-demand skills you’ve built up through work or school? Try starting a freelance business in your spare time to build contacts and a portfolio of work, such as in graphic design or photography. You can then fund your travels through freelancing work from another part of Canada or even another country.

Try a working holiday. If your main interest in the digital nomad lifestyle is the opportunity to travel, then a working holiday or internship might be right for you. You can gain valuable online and offline work experience while immersing yourself in a new culture and developing a global mindset. For an easier and faster time securing the proper work permits, look into International Experience Canada, a government program that offers youth a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience while travelling abroad.

Ask your company. Nowadays many organizations offer flexible work options, including working from home. If you love your job but feel like you need to live out your wanderlust dreams, ask your boss if they would be open to you working remotely from abroad. Valuable employees are hard to come by, so chances are if you bring a much-needed skillset, your boss might be open to it.

Explore virtual tutoring. Many of us have skills and knowledge that we don’t realize are valuable and exciting for others. You can teach or tutor almost any subject or skill over video chat, so get creative. If you’re an expert in a tough school subject or even basic computer skills like creating a PowerPoint presentation or a spreadsheet, you’re off to a great start. You can even look into becoming an instructor for an online course at your local post-secondary institution.

Focus on the digital. The digital nomad trend is all about people doing work that can be done on a laptop from anywhere in the world. So think about things you can do from behind a keyboard. Almost every company needs a social media expert, someone to update their LinkedIn page or manage their website. See where your skills would help you excel in the digital economy and build a side hustle from there.

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