December 2019

5 guilt-free gifts for eco-lovers

(NC) There’s a lot of pressure that comes with selecting the perfect green gift. You want to find something that’s practical but with impact; that’s innovative but also ethically made. And, of course, it must tread lightly on the earth.

With each of these considerations in mind, we set about to find unique items that will appeal to every type of eco-conscious recipient. Here are our favourites.

  1. Stasher Clear Silicone Reusable Bag, $14.99 at Chapters Indigo
    Available in a handful of shades, this self-sealing, air-tight, non-plastic bag is made from pure platinum food-grade silicone, is easy to use and clean, and is literally changing the reusable bags and containers game. The bonus: it’s designed to withstand high temperatures, making it easy to use in the freezer and microwave and to store or cook food.
  2. Causebox, $54.95 (for a quarterly subscription) at
    A smorgasbord of hand-curated goods that are sustainably and ethically made – think everything from apparel and accessories to wellness products and exclusive artwork. The minds behind this company feature ultra-cool items from established and emerging socially conscious brands and designers.
  3. Norwex Enviro Cloth, $19.99 at
    One of the renowned eco brand’s most popular items, this cloth has the ability to remove up to 99 per cent of bacteria on surfaces, works wonders on heavily soiled areas, can be used as a duster, and cleans any area (with just water) that would normally require soap or chemical cleaners. The cherry on top is that its built-in antibacterial agent self-purifies the fabric, inhibiting odours from bacteria, and mould and mildew growth.
  4. Etee Reusable Cutlery Set, $29 at
    This handmade-in-Toronto cutlery set is made from biodegradable bamboo, is easily stowed in most purses or bags, and can help your recipient avoid the use of wasteful plastic at the office or when eating out for years to come.
  5. World Vision Gift Catalogue Gift Card, $30+ at
    A simple gift with a big green impact, gift cards from World Vision are not only meaningful, they personify the “all give, no take” mantra. Donating in your recipient’s name presents a unique opportunity to transform lives, and no matter the budget, there’s an initiative to suit. From education and health and nutrition, to agricultural packs and goats, hens, roosters and more, gift card recipients can choose to donate funds to whichever program is closest to their heart. 

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