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March 2024


Valentine’s Day gifts that will warm the heart

(NC) Whether you’re shopping for Valentine’s Day, a birthday or another celebration, finding the perfect gift can be stressful. Instead of wandering the mall in search of inspiration, many Canadians turn to not-for-profit organizations for meaningful gifts that take the stress out of gift-buying.

And there are many heart-warming gift options to choose from that can make a big impact. Here are three to consider from Plan International Canada’s Gifts of Hope program, which helps provide goods and essential services to children and families globally.

For the G.O.A.T. in your life
The gift of a goat to a family is the perfect solution for the person who’s the “Greatest of All Time” in your life. It may just be the most unique gift you give this year, and it can be a life-changing resource for many families around the world. Goat’s milk provides important nutrients for growing children, and the sale of a goat’s offspring means income to pay for essentials like education. This gift costs $80, and you receive a tax receipt for the full amount.

For the person who is changing the world
Finding a gift that’s about unleashing the power in every girl to change the world and the lives of those around them is not as hard as you might think. A $50 Girl Power gift provides nourishment, education and protection for girls around the world. It helps create safe schools and helps ensure that girls are not forced into early marriages. Each donation is matched eight times by government or foundation partners, so your gift delivers $450 in value.

For the educator helping kids thrive
A memorable and cost-effective gift that’s great for a caring teacher, or anyone who is enthusiastic about education, is a donation of daily meals for an entire school. This gift supplies school kitchens with cookware, nutritious ingredients like rice and beans, and clean water for cooking and washing, helping to ensure good nutrition for students. A $10 donation is matched five times for a $60 value. Plus, there is an option to download a printable gift card for your child to give to their teacher.

To learn more about these unique gifts, visit

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