December 2022


Try these 3 things to speed up cold and flu recovery

(NC) Now that we’re more used to living with COVID-19, common colds are back, and they might last longer this year. Ensure illness doesn’t linger longer than it needs to with these recovery tips and tricks.

Blow your nose
Congestion is a frustrating and sometimes long-lasting symptom of cold and flu. Lift congestion sooner by blowing your nose regularly, otherwise sniffling can keep mucus in the body and prolong a stuffy nose. One of the best ways to loosen congestion is a warm, steamy shower. Steam helps moisturize nasal passages and open airways.

If you’re too sick for a shower, try humidifying your home. Dry environments can be harsh on the body during recovery. Pro tip: try adding vapour rub to the humidifier or eucalyptus drops.

Drink up
Hydration is essential to beat a cold or flu.

Try to avoid caffeine and drink mostly water. When your appetite is low however, it is important to get minerals and vitamins from drinks. Hydrating with a serving of Florida Orange Juice gives you a source of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that supports immune function. Fortified orange juice may also include vitamin D.

Say ahh
Sore throats are such a pain: swallowing and eating is difficult, and sleeping is challenging with a dry, sore throat.

While lozenges may temporarily soothe a sore throat, they aren’t a cure-all solution. With few options available to target a sore throat directly, also try gargling with warm salt water. It’s an effective remedy to moisten the throat and bring temporary relief. Gargling up to three times a day may aid in speedy recovery.

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