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Travel tips for seniors

(NC) As the winter season quickly approaches, your vacation plans may be looming. Before you board your next flight, here are some helpful travel tips from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority.  

Arrive early. When planning your vacation, don’t forget travel time to the airport. It is best to arrive early so you can park, check-in and get through security without the need to rush. Airlines recommend you arrive two hours ahead for domestic flights and three hours in advance for U.S. and international flights. 

Ask for assistance. If you are unable to lift your baggage onto the screening conveyor belt, or if you need help removing your items from the bin after screening, you can let the screening officer know and request their assistance.  

Look for the Family/Special Needs line at security. If you are travelling with a mobility aid like a walker or wheelchair, check if a Family/Special Needs line is available when you get to the security checkpoint. This line is designed for passengers needing more time or help with their belongings to get through the screening. If there is no line like this, let the screening officers know that you require assistance. Upon request, they’ll expedite the screening process for you. 

Identify your medication. When travelling through security, medications should be removed from your carry-on bag for inspection. Prescription and essential non-prescription medications are exempt from the 100-millilitre liquid, aerosol and gel limit. Although they don’t need to be in the one-litre bag with your other liquids, place all of them together so you can easily show them at security.  

Choose easy-to-remove outerwear. When going through security, you must remove outer layers, such as hats, coats and scarves, and place them in a bin for screening. To prevent setting off the metal detector, avoid belts or clothing with large buckles, and limit the amount of jewellery you wear to the airport.  

Limit inorganic products. Are you travelling with a secret spice blend for your famous holiday dinner? Perhaps you’re planning on baking with your grandkids and are bringing the ingredients. Before you pack food and spices, remember that certain inorganic powders are limited to a total combined quantity of 350 millilitres in carry-on baggage.  

Find more travel planning tips, or check if an item is allowed in carry-on, at 

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