Tips to use social media for small business success

(NC) Social media is all but unavoidable these days. Aside from our everyday use, it’s also become a core way for businesses to grow relationships with new and existing customers, remain competitive and increase sales.

A few simple tips can help take the guesswork out of trying to manage social channels as a business owner.

1. Choose your platforms

While it would be amazing to have a solid presence on every social media platform, that’s not realistic for most small businesses – and that’s okay. Just ensure customers can find you through your business’ webpage, and plan to use the social media channels that best reach your desired customers. Each social media platform provides various strengths and drawbacks, so you may even choose to focus your efforts on only a few platforms.

2. Plan your content

To gain a following, you really do need to commit to posting regularly. Creating a schedule can go a long way with followers, keeping them connected and coming back for more. While you shouldn’t overly manufacture situations or be disingenuous, do anticipate what situations or events you could post about and do find ways to give value or entertainment to your followers and customers.

For instance, you can showcase your products and give teasers of what’s to come. Look online for ideas to help you plan what to post. It’s easier than you might think.

3. Take advantage of available resources

If these steps seem intimidating, or you need some help getting the hang of it, you can look for programs that help you take advantage of social media and other digital tools. For instance, the Canada Digital Adoption Program is offering consumer-facing small businesses grants and the support of e-commerce advisors to help you get up to speed. You can receive up to $2,400 towards the cost of digital technologies, and they’ll teach you what you need to know to make your business more efficient for you and your customers.

Find more information or apply for the program at

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