October 2022


Set your teen up for school year success

(NC) Settling into the new school year can mean exciting changes for any family. For older teens, it might mean setting up a new dorm room, joining campus clubs or choosing a major at school. Whatever your young adult’s path, essays, exams and studying are a given.

But all this independence also equals more risk and it’s important to have conversations about being responsible – especially online. While it once seemed extravagant for teens to own their own desktop computer, never mind a laptop, it’s now commonplace, and in many instances, a requirement.

Teaching your teen or young adult safe and smart ways to use technology can protect them online. Have open and honest conversations about computer and internet use, from how to safely share information, to reporting online bullying, and even how and why to limit screen time.

Once you’re confident your teen is prepared to handle everything that comes with having their own laptop, it’s time to help them choose. Look for something lightweight with long battery life that enables them to play and work from anywhere, whether it’s the library, the classroom or a coffee shop, and also offers enhanced security. The LG gram includes a feature called LG Glance by Mirametrix which blurs the screen when it senses someone is standing behind you. It also comes with other enhanced AI features and a 16:10 aspect ratio with an anti-glare screen to make working anywhere easier.

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