Real-life adventure jobs that actually pay your bills

(NC) For those of us who love adventure, it can be hard to find a satisfying career that also provides a stable and rewarding paycheque. A desk job just won’t cut it, and being a ski bum isn’t so good for your wallet. What other options are out there for you? Here are three to consider:

This one’s a classic adventure job. You put knowledge and skills to the test in some of the most dangerous conditions on Earth. While salaries vary depending on location and experience, they can certainly get quite high as you risk your life to do good for the world.

Wildlife veterinarian
Don’t stop at cats and dogs. As a wildlife vet you’ll get the adventure you crave by supporting the health of dangerous wild animals. Often working in remote wildlife preserves, everyday patients can include bears, mountain goats and bald eagles for some. You’ll get the pay that comes with a vet’s expertise along with travel and danger to satisfy your spirit.

Canadian Coast Guard Members Officer
With this employer, you’ll find stable employment alongside adventures all over the country. You can guide ships through the Arctic, help map the Canadian seabed, provide marine traffic control to prevent collisions and spills, and protect our marine borders. You can even operate complex technologies or take part in search-and-rescue operations.

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