October 2022


Planning for your retirement living

(NC) As you approach or enter your retirement years, you have a lot of questions to ask yourself: will I have enough money to support myself, what am I going to do with all my free time and, where will I live? Luckily, seniors have plenty of options on where to live out their remaining years.

Age in place
When asked, most Canadians say they’d like to “age in place” in their current home. Doing that might require certain modifications. There are numerous resources online explaining the various considerations – ranging from installing grab bars to elevators – along with information about different grants and rebates you might qualify for.

Multi-generational living 
For many Canadians, living with younger family members has proven to be a great solution. Elders can dine and socialize with their offspring, and then retreat to the privacy of a “granny suite.” In other cases, people have taken on boarders, such as university students, for companionship and supplemental income.

Fly south with the other snowbirds
Tired of Canadian winters? Then you might want to join the annual flock of snowbirds who winter in places with warmer climates. Just remember that you must reside in Canada for at least six months every year to maintain your OHIP coverage. You should also consider supplemental travel insurance for added protection.

Long-term care homes 
Long-term care homes are government funded and specifically designed for seniors who need care 24/7. In Ontario, long-term care homes are overseen by the Ministry of Long-Term Care.

Retirement home living
Retirement home residents pay for accommodations in facilities that range in size from several to hundreds of suites. They offer independent living combined with assistance with daily routines such as meals, bathing or personal hygiene or other care services as needed.

Retirement homes are licensed and regulated by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA), which maintains the searchable Retirement Home Database which includes a comprehensive history of a retirement home’s safety track record, and more. You can access the database at

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