Outdoor activities to do with your kids this winter

(NC) Many of us are dreading another pandemic winter cooped up at home. But instead of worrying, now is the time to plan some fun things to do with the family outside the house when it’s cold or snowy.
Here are some creative ideas kids and parents are sure to love:

Embrace friluftsliving
We’ve all heard of hygge, the Danish idea of a cozy home. This year, you can try another Scandinavian concept called friluftsliv. Part of Norwegian culture, it literally means “free air life” and is all about being one with nature even when the weather isn’t ideal. Go for a walk in the park and pay attention to your surroundings, whether it’s the soft song of winter birds or the beauty of a fresh snowfall.

Try something new
There are plenty of fun winter sports we’ve heard of but never given a try. Why not challenge the whole family to explore a new activity? Curling, snowshoeing and ice fishing are easy enough for almost all ages and can be quickly learned while practicing social distancing. Not feeling too sporty? You can try snow sculpting or painting a gorgeous wintry landscape.

Go on a local road trip
While a vacation to a tropical beach may be out of the question, there are many beautiful and exciting places to explore in your own province. Whether it’s a day trip or weekend getaway, look for something an hour or two away that piques your interest, like a vast lake, hiking trail or frozen waterfall.

Before hitting the road, make sure to keep your family safe by installing winter tires on your vehicle. While not all tires are created equally and performances vary, the differences become greater when a tire wears. So choose one built to last, like the Michelin X-Ice Snow, which has been tested and proven in Nordic test centres under the most rigorous and extreme winter driving conditions.

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