Little life annoyances and how to stamp them out

(NC) Many people are feeling tired and burnt out after seeing the global catastrophes over the last few years, and what might otherwise seem like a small inconvenience can be extremely frustrating.  So, in the spirit of eliminating small stressors from your life, here are a few petty annoyances and what you can do to fix them.

Constant cleaning
Cleaning isn’t going anywhere, but to help keep things manageable it is wise to ensure everything has a home. For instance, try setting up a charging station where you can reboot your devices and stow away cords when they’re not in use. Don’t be ashamed of labeling locations. Labels provide a clear destination for items and eliminate the excuses that family members don’t remember where everything belongs.

Keeping track of your bills online
If you grew up getting bills in the mail, it might feel easy to forget what you owe when you have to remember to check online. For people who can’t afford or access the Internet regularly or at all, getting bills online can lead to financial disaster. Just remember, when it comes to your phone and cable bills, you are entitled to paper bills from your service provider free of charge.  If you live with a disability, do not have home Internet access or mobile data, or are over age 65, you can request to receive your bills by mail.

Storage container mess
The containers you use for leftovers, make-ahead meals and portable lunches tend to be tricky to store. Awkward sizes and shapes that take up lots of room and get messy or go missing easily. Tricks to try include paring down your collection and stacking the containers with their lids on, or using mini baskets or magazine racks to keep the lids from spilling everywhere. Keep playing to find the right solution.

Bad closed captioning
If you’re hard of hearing or deaf, or you tend to watch TV in loud places like a sports bar or at the gym, you know how frustrating it can be when closed captions don’t do their job properly. They are supposed to translate audio into text displayed on the screen and identify who is speaking, emotions displayed, and icons for music and more. Captions that are inaccurate, lag behind audio, block important images or have terrible spelling get in the way of understanding and enjoying the program. If you notice these problems frequently, you can file a complaint with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

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