How to help prevent accidental cannabis poisoning in kids

(NC) Accidental cannabis poisonings among children in Canada are cause for significant concern. This often happens among children who eat cannabis products they mistake for candy or treats.

There are a few steps every responsible cannabis user should take to protect their loved ones from harm.

Children may be physically small, but they’re very resourceful. Simply storing your cannabis products on a shelf that’s out of reach is not enough. If they think there’s candy hidden up high, they’ll find a way to get to it. Cannabis products should always be stored in a locked cabinet or a container that children cannot open.

You should only buy cannabis products from legal suppliers, for your protection and that of others. Illegal cannabis edibles are often sold in packaging that mimics that of brand-name treats or candies and children cannot tell the difference. They also don’t come in the mandatory child-resistant packaging required for legal edible cannabis products, increasing the risk of accidental ingestion. Cannabis sold at a licensed retailer comes in plain packaging and child-resistant containers which are less appealing and accessible for children.

Buying from legal suppliers is also the only way you can know that the THC and CBD levels listed on the packaging are accurate. Legal edible cannabis products are sold with a maximum of 10 milligrams of THC per package. Some illegal cannabis edible can have significantly more THC, which greatly increases the risk of cannabis poisoning for children and even experienced users.

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