September 2022


How to future proof your home reno

(NC) Many of us fantasize about our ideal renovations, whether it’s a spa bathroom or a kitchen island. But over time our wants and needs can change. You probably don’t want the built-in 8-track player you longed for in the 1980s, but you may now dream of the central air system that you didn’t need back then.

Many of us had to make unpredictable changes in our lives and homes due to the pandemic as we scrambled to make offices out of closets or school rooms out of kitchens.

Whatever life throws at you, here are things to consider if you want your reno to stand the test of time.

How you’ll use it in the future
A playroom may seem like a great idea now, but what will you do when the kids inevitably outgrow it? Or if you’re planning to downsize soon, then maybe opt for mid-range fixtures rather than go all out on high-end or custom features which a buyer might change anyway.

How it will withstand the weather
No one wants to think about it, but climate change is already affecting our lives with more frequent extreme weather events like devastating floods, wildfires and heatwaves. As you consider options for your renovation, think about what you might benefit from as the climate continues to shift. Fireproof materials, a more efficient and eco-friendly heating system, and improved insulation and ventilation are just a few ideas.

Review your insurance coverage
In planning your updates, account for hidden costs in the future like product lifespan, upkeep needs and even insurance changes. As Phil Gibson, EVP and Managing Director of Personal Insurance at Aviva Canada explains, “Renovations like finishing a basement, removing structural supports or building an addition may impact insurance coverage as they can change the home’s rebuild value. Your insurance representative can help ensure that your home is covered for its true value, giving you peace of mind should the unexpected happen.”

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