Easy healthy food resolutions that are achievable all year long

(NC) The start of the year is a great time to re-evaluate our lifestyle habits. This includes the food we eat, so we can make sure that we’re nourishing our bodies. While it can seem hard to get started, try these simple and achievable resolutions for 2022.

Incorporate more whole grains.
While many of us grew up eating white bread at home, whole grains are the more nutritious alternative. In fact, whole and multi grains are better sources of fibre and nutrients like iron, folate and selenium. Look for bagels, English muffins and sliced breads in tasty whole grain varieties.

Rethink dieting.
The new year is synonymous with hopping on the dieting bandwagon, trying out whatever is trendy (but not necessarily better for us). While you may see fast results, studies show people who go on restrictive diets usually end up gaining more weight back than they lost over the long run. Instead, focus on making better choices everyday, like choosing whole grain breads versus muffins or having fruit for your midday snack.

Choose sustainable ingredients.
As you’re reassessing the impact of your food on your body, take some time to think about the planet too. Look for food from local sources and companies with brands that have strong sustainability practices, like Bimbo Canada, which offers high-quality yet affordable foods made with the simplest ingredients. The company behind bakery favourites like Dempster’s is committed to using 100 per cent sustainable packaging and reducing food waste by 50 per cent by 2025.

Cook more meals at home.
Many of us grew tired of our own cooking during the pandemic, and with much of the world reopening and the indulgences of the holidays, it’s been tempting to rely on takeout and restaurants more. But research shows that cooking at home is an effective way to improve diet quality, lose weight and prevent diabetes. So, search for some new nutrient-dense recipes you can cook yourself and get back in the kitchen.

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