Create more livable space with a soundproof basement makeover

(NC) As we spend more time at home because of the pandemic, we’re turning to renovation projects that offer more usable space and enhance the enjoyment of our homes. A popular upgrade is a basement renovation, which increases square footage now and property value later.

Whether it’s to build a new play area for the kids or a home gym for yourself, any basement remodel benefits from soundproofing. 

Kiefer Limeback, contractor, remodeler and tool expert, specializes in interior finishes and knows all about basement renovations. He believes soundproofing should be part of every project, particularly if it involves a home office, an in-law suite, a rental apartment or a media room.

“A basement renovation can be beneficial financially and for your everyday routine, but there are permits to obtain and regulations that must be considered before beginning construction,” he says. “No matter whether the renovation is for your own use or a rental, one of the important components to incorporate into the basement design is soundproofing. It provides privacy, peace and comfort for those upstairs and down.”

Limeback suggests using Sonopan with NoiseStop Technology, panels that are 100 per cent recycled wood, 100 per cent recyclable and can be used in new constructions or when renovating. 

It’s the best possible, most cost-effective soundproofing option. It absorbs a wide range of frequencies and significantly reduces the transmission of sound and vibrations. The panels are lightweight, simple to install behind drywall, and can be installed by a contractor or you can do it yourself. Because they contain no added formaldehydes or VOCs (volatile organic compounds), there isn’t a negative impact on in-home air quality.”

Soundproofing can help ensure that you’re making the best use of your available space and protects your investment in your home. 

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