College programs that virtually guarantee jobs

(NC) Thinking about your child’s post-secondary education? If your child is a bit older and thinking about post-secondary, you want to make sure they have a job lined up once they complete their program. Here are some jobs they can consider:

Marine Communications and Traffic Services
Perfect for those interested in marine safety and environmental protection, the Canadian Coast Guard College offers students unique and specialized training with the opportunity to work in one of its twelve locations. Not only can your child gain continued employment with the coast guard once they complete the program, while still in enrolled in the program, they’ll receive a fully paid education, along with residence style living quarters and meals. Taught in English and French, the program includes extensive training, classroom theory and practical use of radio operations and communications simulator.

Personal Support Worker (PSW)
As our population continues to age, demand is increasing for people who can help older folks stay in their homes longer and offer support at retirement and long-term care residences. This rewarding career makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives and is especially needed during the pandemic. Most provinces require you to complete a college program to become a PSW. Some long-term care homes are even offering to pay for part of the degree and a job upon completion.

Skilled Tradesperson
In recent years, skilled trades have become more coveted career path. This is for good reason, as the pay is good, the need in society is high and the path to a permanent position after an apprenticeship is solid. Compared to many other well-paying, in-demand jobs, the time required in school isn’t very long, and a lot of on-the-job training takes place. If your child is thinking of this route, a trade deemed essential like plumbing or electrician is a smart move.

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