June 2020

A parent's guide to clean air at home

(NC) When there are kids in the house, cleaning is a year-round chore. And parents are always looking for the best ways to keep their home safe while looking and smelling fresh.

To keep your home and family safe when using cleaning products, consider these smart and practical tips:

1. Mother nature’s irritants. In some cases, DIY or natural products are not always safer than products made in a lab. Many plants naturally produce oils that are toxic or irritating, or that can cause allergic reactions when inhaled or when they contact skin. Whether you're using natural, DIY products or consumer products, always make sure to read the label and ensure there are no ingredients in there that you know can irritate you or your family members. 

2. Keep your home well ventilated. Just as pollutants get trapped inside a closed-up home, so can odours. Regularly opening your windows for short periods of time each day can greatly improve the scent of your home and air circulation by airing out those nasty smells.

3. When you can’t get rid of those pesky cooking smells. Certain odours linger – they are mysterious and often a combination of cooking aromas that get trapped and become stale.  Thanks to the science behind Febreze and the simple ingredients in it, it’s a great option for clearing away odours and leaving your home smelling fresh.

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