August 2022


5 tips to make the most of time with your pet

(NC) Now that many of us are back to in-person activities, we often spend less time with our pets. But that doesn’t mean they have to be deprived or lose out on the fun parts of life.

Here are some ideas on how you can make the most of every moment with your pet.

Schedule playtime
Although your dog most likely gets a walk every day, try to incorporate some play into your time together. From playing fetch or tug of war; playtime should be cathartic for both you and your furry friend. Even just 15 minutes of play with your pet can improve their quality of life and prevent behavioural issues.

Turn grooming into bonding
When you stop thinking about grooming as a chore and instead consider it a way to spend time with your pet, it will become easier. You may not get all their nails trimmed in one go, but you’ll build a relationship and routine that makes this time together stress free and more enjoyable.

Snuggle up
Who doesn’t love getting cozy with their pet? Don’t underestimate time on the couch with your furry BFF – even if you’re watching television, you can still make it quality time. Next time you’re binging a show, call your pet over and see if they’ll stay. They’ll benefit from the extra one-on-one time and feel like part of the family.

Hold on to memories
Get snapping with your camera and have no shame about the number of pet pics on your smartphone or device. This tip isn’t so much for the pup, but it can keep your mood up, give you a conversation starter with friends and long-lasting mementos. You can never have too many pics of your pet.

Create shared moments
Make regular activities like mealtime more memorable and enjoyable for you and your pet. A quick and healthy wet food option like Cesar Wholesome Bowls means you can treat your dog to a meal of real nutrient-rich ingredients that’s no fuss for you to create.

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