August 2022


5 tips to help glam up your community

(NC) If your community seems a little drab, you’re probably not the only one who feels that way. Here are a few tips you can consider to help bring a spring back into the local step.

Tend a garden
There’s nothing quite like a lush garden of flowers or decorative plants to create a sense of cheer. These intricate living things help foster a welcoming feeling and add a finishing touch to a home or neighbourhood. Consider getting together with your neighbours to create a theme for the gardens on your street and encourage each other to share gardening tips for success.

Set up a public book nook
Little boxes filled with free books to read and share have been cropping up in towns and cities around the world. Often built through the Free Little Library non-profit organization, these boxes add character and charm to any neighbourhood, and they’re a great way to connect with others who stop by for reading material.

Decorate a laneway or alleyway
There are forgotten, hidden and neglected spaces all over the place. If your garage door backs onto an aging alleyway, bring some joy by creating a mural with the family or commissioning an artist. Or you can take it further and beautify laneways all over town – just be sure you have any necessary permits – and get your neighbours to support your goal.

Build a bench
Coming together with community is often key to creating a more beautiful location to live in. Placing a bench where your property meets the sidewalk or advocating for more seats in your local park can provide a picture-perfect setting as well as a much-needed resting spot for slowing seniors, exhausted parents and anyone else who might need a pause. Building spaces for residents to enjoy the neighbourhood creates a beautiful place to be.

Join a cleanup event
While community is crucial, another step that helps a place look its best is cleaning up litter. Cigarette butts especially are strain on the eyes – and on the environment. They are one of most frequently littered items in Canada, and while most parts of cigarette butt are biodegradable, the plastic filters are not – so the ground or sidewalk really is not the place for them. Joining a cleanup, like an Unsmoke Canada cleanup program event, goes a long way to making your community look and feel better.

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