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October 2023


4 tips to manage a hybrid work environment

(NC) Before and during the years of the pandemic many of us experienced both traditional office workdays and remote work. Now, many companies are committing to allowing employees to split their hours between a centralized workplace and a home office – for good.

Here are four tips to help you hit your stride and make the most of hybrid work.

Get to know your co-workers
One of the great benefits of being in the office is in-person interactions with co-workers. So, use in-office time to hold important meetings and to check in with managers and direct reports. But also use the days you’re at the office to have the occasional office social, whether it’s lunch at a local restaurant or a quick drop-in happy hour – you’ll make the most of face-to-face time to become friends and allies.

Make a go-bag
Having more than one workstation means you probably need to tote things like a laptop back and forth on your commute. Make in-office mornings easier by creating a small go-bag of essentials you use every day that you can quickly tuck into your larger commuting bag. It might include things like your favourite pen, go-to notebook and wired headphones for online meetings.

Review your budget
Everything from the cost of gas or public transportation to buying lunch or an afternoon coffee can begin to add up on in-person workdays. In fact, while many Canadians enjoy the collaborative aspects of hybrid work, just over 20 per cent of people see commuting as expensive according to recent data from Aviva Canada. So, it’s smart to review your spending plan regularly and adjust it to your hybrid routine. For instance, if one of the perks of heading into the office is going out for lunch with colleagues, see where else you can cut back to accommodate that treat.

Watch your sleep schedule
One of the luxuries of working a few days from home means you save time on your commute. Just watch out for sleeping in extra on those days compared to your in-office mornings. It’s widely understood that going to sleep and waking up at roughly the same times each day and night will leave you feeling better and be less jarring on your system compared to switching up your routine every other day. Instead, use the extra commute time you save to savour your morning coffee or do something else you enjoy.

Find information about the collaborative hybrid work environment at insurer Aviva Canada on their website.

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