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3 ways to improve your well-being this winter

(NC) With shorter days and colder temperatures, winter can be tough on our mental and physical health. Here are three simple things that can help you ward off the winter blues this season.

Get outside
Even if you’d rather hibernate under a warm blanket once the weather turns frosty, there’s plenty of beauty and enjoyment to be found outdoors in winter. Take a walk in the park or slide downhill in a toboggan; getting some fresh air and physical activity should help boost your mood and overall health. As the saying goes, there’s no bad weather, simply bad clothing – dress according to the forecast and you’ll be able to handle whatever the season throws at you.

Protect your skin
Many of us think of applying sunscreen as a key step to take in summer, but skin-damaging ultraviolet rays don’t take a winter vacation. In fact, the sun’s reflection off of snow on the ground can lead to sunburn pretty quickly. Even if you don’t burn easily, you should still wear sunscreen daily to protect your skin against cancer. It will also help prevent signs of aging due to sun damage.

Ask for help
Taboos around the need for health support are slowly but surely falling away. Speaking with a professional health-care provider can be liberating, help you build healthier habits and feel better about yourself. You don’t need to be struggling with mental health to benefit from support. Other reasons you might ask for help include feeling stuck, navigating big life transitions and quitting smoking.

When it comes to quitting smoking, remember it’s never too late. It’s the best thing you can do for your health. There are many tools and supports that can make the process easier, some you likely know about and others you may not be aware of. From nicotine replacement therapy – like gums or patches – and natural health products like cytisine to social supports like coaching or counselling, some combinations can nearly triple your chances of success.

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