3 characteristics of a good partner

(NC) Finding a compatible partner in the dating world can take a lot of time and soul searching, but a few characteristics are beneficial for just about everyone.

Relationships are about enjoyment, but they also serve the more functional role of allowing partners to combine forces to take on challenges together. This means being available and willing to step up when things become challenging during any of life’s important moments. With a dependable partner who’s there when you need them, you’re ready to take on anything.

Communication is a major factor in the success of any relationship, and it’s often what makes us compatible or incompatible. Psychologically speaking, this kind of openness plays an important role in allowing couples to manage stress, overcome problems and even provide positive feedback when things are going well.

Simple acts of appreciation and gratitude have been correlated to positive emotions and even physical health, so it’s no wonder many of us want appreciative partners. Expressions of gratitude and kind words are not only validating, but they contribute to our energy and motivation to work as a team.

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