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Top Canadian athletes reveal injury recovery tips

(NC) Whether you're an elite athlete or an active baby boomer, inflammation and pain is part of the game when it comes to competing in sports or being active. The key is how you manage and protect your body from these inevitable aches and pains to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle regardless of age.

Top athletes looking for an edge when it comes to recovery from training or major injury are now turning to alternative solutions including all-natural nutritional supplements to aid in their pain management efforts.

Professional Car Racing Driver Alex Tagliani, 41, from Lachenaie, Quebec discovered Reeliv5, a natural pain relief nutritional supplement developed by Nature's Treasure, to help him recover from the wear and tear of the racing season.

“During a race my body and joints undergo incredible stress for several hours due to bumpy tracks, high G forces from heavy deceleration with brakes and 385 Km/h corner speed,” Tagliani explains. “To prepare for an intense season of racing, I submit my body to heavy lifting and intense strength training, which cause tears, inflammation and pain. I use Reeliv5, to help protect my body and keep the pain and inflammation away to make sure I can fully prepare and maintain 100 per cent focus while driving.”

The supplement, approved by Health Canada, is a mixture of powerful all natural active ingredients which helps reduce joint pain and inflammation, increases mobility and flexibility, repairs cartilage damage and boosts tissue regeneration.

Former professional NHL goaltender Manny Fernandez, 41, from Blainville, Quebec, used the supplement to help in his recovery from major knee surgery for a successful return to the league with the Boston Bruins. “This formula, which I call a 'miracle', helped me get back in perfect shape, pain-free and gave me the confidence I needed.”

According to Martin Lachaine, President of Nature's Treasure, active boomers and seniors suffering from joint pain, and inflammation, bursitis, tendonitis, back pain and other problems related to aging have found relief and a return to their sporting activities using the natural supplement as an alternative or complement to their current pain management plan. More information on coping with pain from exercise can be found at

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