September 2018

Simple steps to designing a room

(NC) Are you tired of a dated room or are you moving into a new home? Give any space a designer-style makeover with these easy-to-follow tips.

Decide the purpose and layout. Think about what you’ll be using the space for, because even a room with an obvious function like the living room can be used in different ways that will affect the design. For example, will you be using it to entertain guests on weekends, or as a cozy spot to unwind every day after work? Then get out your measuring tape and play with layouts.   

Create an inspiration board. Get your creative juices flowing and learn about what’s trending by checking out design magazines, blogs and other sources of ideas. Gather your thoughts together on a Pinterest board, or go old school and cut out clippings and arrange in a scrapbook.

Find the focal point. Every room needs a focus that captures the eye and sets the tone for colour and décor in the space. Whether it’s that special artwork you purchased on a treasured vacation or the print on your favourite piece of furniture, use this item to guide and inspire you. Make the space look cohesive by creating your colour palette and style around the item, choosing a neutral base and drawing one or two accent colours from it.

Work the windows. Window treatments are an important part of a room that make the space look truly finished. Doing more than making your home beautiful, custom-designed coverings from Hunter Douglas let you control and harness natural light, lower your bills with energy-saving insulation and even enjoy convenient smart-home automation of your shades 24/7.

Decorate with personality. Once you have the essentials covered, be sure to make your room look and feel homey and inviting with personal touches. An eclectic mix of photographs, artwork, accessories and fabrics will help create a warm, welcoming space that feels very you. To achieve a curated look, keep decorative elements in the colour palette of your focal choice.

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