December 2018

Give greener gifts this year

(NC) Christmas can be very hard on the planet we love. The traditions we embrace so often come wrapped in layers of paper, reams of plastic and mountains of disposable shopping bags. 

The numbers are enough to take the shine off the season. In Canada, household waste increases by a whopping?45 per cent between mid-November and New Year’s Day. Gift wrap and shopping bags are the biggest culprits, sending about 545,000 tonnes to the landfill every year. 

How can we enjoy giving, while caring for our planet? Aside from saving on money and gas, you might find your stress level is lower, too. You’ll also have time to breathe in that crisp December air knowing you’re helping keep it that way. 

Here are five ways to help keep the green in Christmas:   

  1. Carry re-usable shopping bags. It’s a no brainer. And if you’re concerned about getting mincemeat on that new sweater for grandma, keep some for groceries and others for gifts. 
  2. Skip the wrapping. Choose re-usable gift bags or give an experience. Take mom out for tea and cake or invite a friend to a movie. Most people would relish the one-on-one time with you.  
  3. Give love, not slippers. Honour a loved one with a meaningful gift in their name through the World Vision Gift Catalogue. There’s something to reflect every interest and personality. Many Canadians prefer this to a wrapped gift.  
  4. Re-gift or buy second-hand. Set the tone by inviting others to do this for you. Thrift shops can be filled with treasures, many of which are nearly new. And they’re much less hectic than the malls. 
  5. Don’t forget ecards. Card companies carry a beautiful selection of ecards for a fraction of the price of paper. Opening one at work can make someone’s day. 

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