September 2018

Tips to energize your next renovation

(NC) When updating an older home, it’s important to go beyond just getting rid of vintage wallpaper and plastic-covered couches. More than just for aesthetic reasons, items like outdated thermostats, inefficient windows and old insulation need to be replaced because they are costing thousands of dollars each year in energy bills.

“Décor styles may come and go, but energy efficiency and cost-reduction are things everyone can agree on,” says Denise Hayward, show manager for the Toronto Fall Home Show. “With a few simple upgrades, you can lower your energy bill and modernize your space.”

Check out these ways to save money, be eco-friendly and still live in organized style:

  1. Create a cozy and warm built-in basement storage unit. About 20 per cent of a home’s total heat loss escapes through the basement. Add proper wall insulation behind a built-in entertainment unit with ample shelving to keep the space comfy and tidy.
  2. Shed some light on your open-shelving pantry with a properly sealed sunny kitchen window. Lower your energy bill by creating a bright space to create family meals.
  3. Curl up to savings with a high-efficiency gas fireplace. Nearly two-thirds of Canadian home energy goes towards space heating, so upgrade your fireplace to maximize heat and minimize cost.
  4. Turn unused attic space into a cozy reading nook with stylish storage. Increased attic insulation can reduce heat loss by 75 to 80 per cent, creating a warm, inviting place to read.
  5. Keep your home organized with a new climate control system. The latest in high-efficiency temperature systems can be pre-set and controlled remotely, helping reduce your heating bills when you’re away.

Get more tips to help energize your next renovation at the Enbridge Energy Conservation Booth at the 2018 Toronto Fall Home Show, September 28 to 30 at the Enercare Centre.

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