3 easy ways to improve your daily commute

(NC) It’s easy to accept the drudgery of commuting as a necessary evil. Yet most of us don’t realize the power we have over our commutes. Take back the wheel with these simple but powerful changes. 

Update your routine. A large part of the drain commuting puts on you comes from the sense of rushing, of not being fully in control of your morning. Take back that sense of agency by setting your sleep cycle back half an hour, or even fifteen minutes. For the cost of one episode on Netflix, you’ll find yourself getting more done with less stress every morning. Enjoy a nice walk or a proper breakfast, or just get out on the road ahead of the rush. 

Update your route. Now that you’ve easily bought yourself more time in the mornings, take your commuting freedom to its next level. Don’t just blindly merge onto the obvious route behind everyone else, make your own path. A quick Google Maps or Waze session will yield a surprising number of alternate routes that may take the same amount of time, but keep you moving the whole way, or take your through more pleasant areas. Better yet, try experimenting with new roads yourself. Beyond finding new shortcuts, exploring the city can turn your commute from a mindless routine into a daily adventure. 

Update your ride. Even with the best timing and routes, you can’t neglect the place where you’ll actually spend your trip  your car. The right vehicle and features can take your trips from daily grind to the Cadillac of commutes. With the Cadillac XT4 model, you can choose smart features like the vehicle app or Amazon Alexa to start your car even before you head out the door. Combine Apple CarPlay to mirror your phone’s screen on your dashboard for music or calls to stay connected even while driving. OnStar helps you drive with added confidence and is designed to have someone help you in case of emergency. The freedom to play and explore, and the power to do so with confidence, will turn your daily commute around. 

Build your own vehicle at cadillac.ca.

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